Impro Club

In the beginning there was ....... The Impro Club. This radical departure from the game structure that had been the Sydney Impro scene for years. Created by Murray Fahey the Impro Club was the first non competitive Impro show to perform at Belvoir St Theater, the home of Sydney’s Impro community. The show’s premise was simple: The audience would bring a prop and the improvisers would create the entire show around the objects that they placed on the stage.
On any night you would find massage tables to puppy dogs. The madcap humor that was germinated here stared the talents of Robyn Butler, Josie O’Rielly, Julia Zemiro, Brad Hall, Michael Gregory and Murray Fahey.

mr & mrs Howell & Skipper

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale.... Join Gilligan and the gang for the wackiest lost on an island story you’ll ever hear. These castaways of comedy know no bounds when it comes to coconuts. A team of Theatresports champs has brought Gilligan's Improvised Island to life on stage. Seven wacky characters marooned on a tropic desert isle ...

off the cuff

Here’s the place for a short and punchy news story. Premiered at the Comedy Store Sydney this show was an instant hit. Playing for three months. The cast or news reporters would take any news story and send it up senseless before a gob smacked audience every night. That’s right what ever the paper that day says these avid impro news readers will explain and give you the real backstory behind the scenes.
Cast Murray Fahey, Mark Streeter, David Callan, Marko Mustac, Special guest John Knowles


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