IMPRO @ THE STORE is the now in it’s third year!

store with wil anderson

Created by Murray Fahey this mad night of sketch style improv has taken Sydney by storm.

Guests include: Wil Anderson, Adam Spencer, Craig Mclachlan, Gabby Milgate, Tanya Bulmer, Adam Couper, Tommy Dean, Gary Eck, James O’Lochlin, Justin Melvile, Nick Wilty, David Callan, Robbie Buck, Dave Williams, Lawence Moohney UK, Dara O’Brien IRL and more.
Enjoy the insanity every Thursday night at The Comedy Store at Fox Studios.

Regular sketches include:
The COCPACABANNA: Australia’s longest running improvised sitcom. Now up in its second year. Watch in awe as Tony, Lola and Rick struggle to solve the nights problem at the Copacabanna Bar. Classics eps have been, the pregnancy test via a rabbit plague. The trip to the miami in-laws, Lola’s arch enemy the fan dancing - Flur.

Bec on trophy

MODERN DATING: Our improvisers give you an insight into modern dating, by taking you for a trip to the singles club. It’s always hilarious as the audience provide suggestions and try to stump the improvisers.

THE TOMB OF TRUTH: Have the answers to the worlds most baffling questions answered before your eyes. Ask the mysterious tomb of truth and according to ancient comedy legend the tomb will speak. Top 5 questions asked of the tomb: 1) Is god a man? 2) Why do men have nipples? 3) What is this thing called love? 4) Who is the one armed man? 5) How did GW Bush get elected?

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