Seven cast-a-aways on a desert island that can never escape!
It’s dopy Gilligan, the "Skipper", the Professor, country girl Mary-Anne, seductive Ginger, hypochondriac Mr Howell and jewel-laden Mrs Howell. Watch them as they try new ingenious ways to get back to civilization, before Gilligan manages to ruin everything again. Cause it’s IMPROVISED!

Every night the audience would decide what happened next? Will Ginger 'become a TV talk-back host? Can the professor invent a coconut white board? Will Mr Howell perform an Island coup? And is Mary-Anne really Mr Ed?

The possibilities are limited only by the actors’ and the audience’s imagination, when the wacky crew and passengers set sail for crazy uncharted waters!
Created by the stars of the Impro Club, Mockbeth, Hamlet Improvised, Scared Scriptless and Lost in Space (Australia’s longest running Impro show), GILLIGAN IMPROVISED was a night of madcap comedy where audience suggestions charted the course. From the opening theme singalong, the audience was hooked.

Featuring Murray Fahey, Ewan Campbell and Josie O’Reilly (Midday Show) as Gilligan, the Skipper and Mary-Anne, with Michael Gregory as the Professor, GILLIGAN IMPROVISED took the TV nostalgia craze to new heights.
GILLIGAN IMPROVISED opened Sydney’s Metro Theater March 17 1993.

gilligan poster
mr & mrs Howell

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