Murray Fahey, Marko Mustac and Rebecca De Unamuno are the 3 Radicals. Anarchists of comedy who pit themselves against the clock to perform as many scenes as they can before a time bomb explodes! Using their Comedy manifesto to find laughter in any situation any where at any time. First performed at the inaugural Sydney Comedy Festival. To sell out crowds, revived for the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, another sell out at the Gilded Balloon.

“It’s hilarious! It’s out there! You’ve never seen anything like it!”
“This weeks pick of the Festival – very funny – suitably bizarre”
- The List
“Four Stars – fast and furious improvised comedy – what more could you ask for”
Three Weeks
“Improv comic genius” - Edinburgh Herald
“enduring, skilled, funny”
- The Herald
“Crazy… fun.. absurd…. Not to be missed.”
Sydney Morning Herald

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